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Twittering The Alabama Rig

Beel has continuing interest in the Alabama rig and the fishery issue surrounding its use (see yesterday’s post).  This issue may be more social than biological, as has been suggested, but Beel still finds it very interesting.

Twitter tweets mentioning the Alabama rig used in largemouth bass fishing tournaments

Beel used Topsy Analytics to examine tweets containing the words “Alabama rig” in the past month.  Let Beel present the results.  Over the past month, there has been some constant twittering about the Alabama rig:  between 0 and 50 tweets per day.  There is a large spike in tweets on January 10, 2012, after the World Fishing Network (WFN) posted the story, “The Alabama Rig: Fishing’s Biggest Controversy.”  That posting accumulated 14 online comments, but was mentioned in some 200 tweets on the day of publication alone.

There is a broad, several day peak in tweets during mid-January (January 16, 17, and 18).  This resulted from a series of articles and announcements.

On January 14, 2012, the WFN posted the story, “2012 – The Year of the Alabama Rig.”  This post accumulated a single online comment, but on the following Monday (January 16), there were 123 tweets mentioning the Alabama rig, among which the WFN article figured prominently. 

On January 17, there were 120 tweets mentioning the Alabama rig.  The announcement by the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society that it was banning the Alabama rig from use in its Bassmaster Classic and Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments was prominent in these tweets. 

On January 18, Tom Stienstra of the San Francisco Chronical published, “For bass fishers, Alabama Rig will git-r-done.”  This article accumulated 7 online comments, but was mentioned prominently among the 99 tweets that mentioned the Alabama rig on the 18th.

Finally, a peak in tweets mentioning Alabama rig occurred on January 20, following the FLW’s posting of “FLW clarifies position on Alabama Rig.”  This post was mentioned prominently among the 176 tweets that mentioned Alabama rig on the 20th.

Beel suggests that angler tweets may be a better measure of their interest in a posting or newspaper article.


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