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The 2012 Eelpout Festival Is In The Books

Beel loves fish festivals.  And the Eelpout Festival seems as crazy as any.  Beel wrote about this festival earlier this year.

For Beel, one of the highlights of the festival is the eelpout ice-fishing tournament.  Compared with results from last year, and the several preceeding years, the number of fish captured was way up- over a ton of eelpouts were caught.

Are catches up because there are more anglers?  More fish in the lake?  Its hard to tell, except that annual gill net surveys conducted on Leech Lake by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on Leech Lake show a steady decline in eelpout catches. 

By available media accounts, the Eelpout Festival was a big success.  But this surprises Beel a bit.  Google Insights for Search showed a 20% drop in searches this year compared with last year.  Let Beel present these results.

Beel would have predicted fewer persons at the festival and fewer fish caught in the ice-fishing tournament.  Clearly, something is at work here.  Is it the presence of the Bikini Ice Fishing Team?

Or is it simply due to the animal magnetism of a fish many call the ugliest in the world?

If you know the answer, please share it with Beel.

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