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Bad News for the Great West Coast Whitebait Festival

Last October, the Westland District Council (of west coast New Zealand) sponsored the Great West Coast Whitebait Festival, which was held in Christchurch, the most populous city on the South Island. Shortly … Continue reading

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If its the New Year, Carp Must Be on the Menu

In Europe, indeed throughout the world, there are a variety of foods that are traditionally eaten, or avoided, at the New Year.  For example, in Hungary eating chicken or fish on … Continue reading

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2012 in Review

Beel believes in transparency. Today, Beel received the following annual summary of this blog’s activities.  Beel is totally blown away.  Readership has been fairly regular, but Beel has not been … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing Trifishaton

Building on the wildly popular Scofield Ice Fishing Tournament, this year bringing the 7th annual installation of that event, Utah State Parks has inaugurated an ice-fishing Trifishaton for trout in three … Continue reading

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Droppin’ of the Carp

After nearly a week of festivities, Carpfest 2012, held in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin will culminate at midnight tomorrow with the 12th Annual Droppin’ of the Carp.  Beel loves a fish festival.  And … Continue reading

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Fish McBites: Coming to a McDonald’s near You

Early last year McDonald’s began test marketing a new taste treat: Fish McBites.  A fishy version of its popular Chicken McBites.  Now, McDonald’s has announced its plans to sell Fish McBites nationally beginning in … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Cliff and Fishing

Beel has seen many articles on the fiscal cliff- the inability of the US Congress and Senate to reach a budget for the upcoming year.   Many of these articles end … Continue reading

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There’s Something Fishy about Professional Fisheries Certifications

Statistical analysis has become an important part of fishery management.  So important, in fact, that formal training in mathematics and statistics is required of any person seeking professional certification by … Continue reading

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Presidential Fishes. Part II. A Fish Named For Richard Nixon

Please let Beel present a fish that surely must have been named after a Republican president. As Beel sees it, surely the slippery dick Halichoeres bivittatus must have been named … Continue reading

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Presidential Fishes

Well, Beel is amused.  Ichthyologists Rick Mayden and Steve Layman described five species of darters, small fishes related to yellow perch and walleye, and named them after Barack Obama; former … Continue reading

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