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Presidential Fishes

Well, Beel is amused.  Ichthyologists Rick Mayden and Steve Layman described five species of darters, small fishes related to yellow perch and walleye, and named them after Barack Obama; former presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton; and former vice president Al  Gore.  Descriptions of these fishes were published Bulletin of the Alabama Museum of Natural History.


Males of the spangled darter Etheostoma obama, shown above, are described as “resplendent in bright orange and iridescent blue spots, stripes and checks. ” 

Darters are small-bodied fish in general, and the spangled darter reaches lengths of ony 48-mm long (less than two inches in length).  Beel says, it is going to be hard to carve a fillet off of that!

Beel has heard many ignorant souls complaining about this “blatantly” partisan act, failing to remember that Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican.

Tomorrow, Beel will present another fish named for a Republican president.

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