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The Fiscal Cliff and Fishing

fical cliff

Beel has seen many articles on the fiscal cliff- the inability of the US Congress and Senate to reach a budget for the upcoming year.   Many of these articles end with the question like, “What happens to the economy if we go over the cliff?”

One particularly relevant answer is given in an article written by Al Ristori.  Please friends, let Beel quote from his article:

” The current effort by Congress and President Obama to reach a compromise that would avoid sending the country over the “fiscal cliff” won’t just impact our taxes and the economy. If no agreement is reached, there also won’t be any of the Wallop-Breaux Sportfish Restoration Funds available for distribution to the states.

“Those funds derive from a tax on fishing tackle instituted for the sole purpose of improving sport fishing. It’s a unique tax in that it’s supported by the tackle industry and by the millions of anglers who are paying for it every time they buy tackle. Those funds are divided up among the states through a formula based on fishing license sales and land area — which is very disadvantageous for New Jersey as we have lots of water but a relatively small land area — and no saltwater license. Yet, the funding we do receive is vital as it allows the saltwater activities of the DEP to continue.

“However, the administration’s Budget Office has included the Wallop-Breaux funds among those to be automatically sequestered if an agreement isn’t reached.

“Of course, those funds are not part of the overspending problem as they are collected only for the specific purpose of being returned to the states for sport fish restoration. There are no public funds involved. Yet, there is a chance the fund could be eliminated if Congress can’t resolve the issue.”

Beel says, good job Washington.

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