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Fish McBites: Coming to a McDonald’s near You

Fish McBites

Early last year McDonald’s began test marketing a new taste treat: Fish McBites.  A fishy version of its popular Chicken McBites.  Now, McDonald’s has announced its plans to sell Fish McBites nationally beginning in early 2013. 

The Fish McBites, which are made of Alaskan pollock, will be available in three sizes: Snack (3 oz), Regular (5 oz) and Shareable (10 oz).

Alaskan pollack: before

Alaskan pollock: before and after being McBitten

Alaskan pollack:  after

Get’em while you can.   Fish McBites are only going to be available for a limited time across the country and will only be added to the permanent menu if they sell well.  Based on a review posted on the Dallas Observer’s blog, Fish McBites are unlikely to be around long:

Before anyone tries to brand me as a snobby critic picking on an easy target, it’s important to note that I’m a bit of a Filet-O-Fish fetishist… I can say with a large degree of confidence that Fish McBites are the worst things McDonald’s has created in some time.”

The pint-sized package wafts of cornmeal when first pened — a smell reminiscent of trashy hush puppies. A sugar cube of Alaskan Pollock rests inside each nugget. The flesh is as dry and lifeless as that delicious Filet-O-Fish, but the bites have no tangy melting American cheese, no soft pillowy bun, and it’s difficult to dip the thimble sized snacks in the small containers of dipping sauce.”

Beel eats at McDonald’s at least once every other year, as circumstances dictate.  But now, with McBites on the menu, maybe Beel can make it every third year.  Yummy.

You can follow all of this exciting news on Twitter:  #FishMcBites


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