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Droppin’ of the Carp


After nearly a week of festivities, Carpfest 2012, held in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin will culminate at midnight tomorrow with the 12th Annual Droppin’ of the Carp. 

Beel loves a fish festival.  And one featuring carp?  Whoo hoo!

Carpfest is about more than just carp and has a variety of activities to keep things hopping: swimming, gym activities, crafts, bowling, a youth ice fishing event, and the world famous Carp Bowl football game. 

Then, finally, the main event:  the Droppin’ of the Carp. A 25 to 30-pound carp, nicknamed “Lucky,” is lowered onto a throne to help ring in the New Year.

carp drop 2

The inaugural Droppin’ of the Carp was held in 2002.  Two local residents had spent 2001 in Savannah, Georgia, where they attended a New Year’s Eve event at which a giant styrofoam peach was lowered at midnight.  Beel thinks they must have thought this was lame.  Because upon their return to Prairie Du Chien the two took action.

 “We decided we could have some sort of New Year’s celebration here in the Midwest,” Tom Nelson, one of the founders, said. “Since New York took the ball idea, a carp was the next local choice. Being on the river, it had to be a fish.”

Lucky the carp, with friends.  2012.

Lucky the carp, with friends. November 2012.

In the first year, a three-foot long carp was captured and named Lucky in the belief that the Chinese consider it lucky to eat carp on New Year’s day. 

Mike Valley, a local business man and owner of Valley Fish Market said, “Everybody always kisses it for good luck.”

Do they ever kiss it!  Beel checked out the photo albums for Carpfest and that fish is getting a lot of lip action.

carp kissing

french kissing

And, occassionally, some tongue! 

Beel thinks that Lucky really doesn’t look so lucky.  Apart from a little loving, Lucky appears to be frozen stiff and covered in frost.  Except, of course, for his mouth and lips.

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