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Carp Sells for $54,500 at the Chagan Lake Fish Festival

china fest auction

The Chagan Lake Fish Festival, in Jilin Province, China, is in full swing and the results of the traditional auction of the first fish captured are now available.

It is a long standing tradition to auction the heaviest fish captured on the first day of the festival.  This year’s fish weighed 33 pounds and went for US$54,500 (340,000 yuan). 

By comparison, last year’s fish sold for a paltry $48,000. 

Beel’s source for this post includes a short, 2-minute video of opening day events, including the auction.  Beel screen captured a portion of this (see above):  the winning bidder paid  $54,500 for a carp (not the common carp, introduced into the USA).  Sweet.

In past, Chinese emperors used the first fish to entertain important guests.  Today, money raised by the auction is used to help manage Chagan Lake and surrounding areas.

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