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Fishing for Trophy Whitebait on the West Coast of New Zealand

While researching a recent post, Beel recently discovered a wonderful blog post about whitebait fishing in New Zealand. The post, “Let me take you whitebaiting on the West Coast of New Zealand…,” was written by Carole Brungar in 2008, and is still relevant. 

Please, friends, let Beel present a few of Carole’s photographs (with Beel’s commentary) and, especially, recommend her post to you. She provides a great description of whitebait fishing. 

After viewing the photographs, you may wonder WTF?  Whitebait is a delicacy in New Zealand and is easily the most expensive seafood item for sale.  At last year’s prices you could expect to pay more than US$50 per pound. We ain’t talking Fish McBites here!

Whitebait fishing stands.

Whitebait fishing stands.

Tending the net.

Tending the net.

Checking the net. Yep, we got whitebait.  Let's reel them babies in!

Checking the net. Yep, we got whitebait. Let’s reel them babies in!

That's the stuff:  "white gold."

That’s the stuff: “white gold.”

Whitebait, close up.

Whitebait, close up.

And this guy is a fisherman.  You just know he is going to hit the pub later and tell his mates, “You should of seen the one that got away!”

For such a great job, Carole gets three stars, Beel’s highest recommendation. 



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