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Hey Kiwis, Don’t Eat the Dead Fish!

Dead snapper at Coromandel, New Zealand.  Photo by Charlotte Pearsall. (photo source)

Dead snapper at Coromandel, New Zealand. Photo by Charlotte Pearsall. (photo source)

Investigation of the mass death of snapper Pagrus auratus continues in New Zealand.  Fish, primarily snapper, first began washing ashore on the beaches of the Coromandel Peninsula on New Year’s eve.

Officials have ruled out a mass suicide as the cause and discount natural causes.  Instead, they believe this may be the result of the illegal dumping of fish by commercial fishers.

“We initially thought ‘woo hoo a free feed’ but they had really cloudy eyes and you could see the birds had been at them. Some of them had no eyes,” said local resident Charlotte Pearsall. (source: Sydney Morning Herald)

Nevertheless, as the fish began making shore, many were collected by campers and residents. Fisheries officials are urging people to avoid eating the dead fish.  Anyone eating dead fish collected from the beach faces a  high risk of gastric related illness, according to Waikato District Health Board medical officer of health Dr. Dell Hood. (source: Waikato Times) Well, duh, says Beel. 

Not surprisingly, given that this is the southern hemisphere summer, dead fish were beginning to ‘‘rot and smell’’ so the decision was made to begin a clean-up immediately according to Thames-Coromandel District Council communications manager Benjamin Day. (source: Waikto Times)

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