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The International Eelpout Festival Has a Wiki Entry!

wiki shot 

Beel has long had a fascination with the International Eelpout Festival held each February in Walker, Minnesota (see posts here and here). Beel is pleased to learn the festival now has a Wiki entry (a screenshot of part of the page is shown above).  This, in addition to being listed in Beel’s internationally famous Fish Festivals 2013!

The International Eelpout Festival is now, officially, a big time fish festival. 


However, Beel does have to point out an error in the wiki, which suggests, “There is active debate within the scientific community as to whether the terms eelpout and burbot are interchangeable.” 

The International Eelpout Festival celebrates the burbot, which is the only freshwater gadiform (cod-like) fish in the world.  The real eelpouts, about 220 species, are marine fish belonging to the family Zoarcidae.  The burbot and eelpouts bear a superficial resemblance to one another, but they aren’t the same thing. There isn’t any debate in the scientific community about this.

That said, it doesn’t mean pretty girls can no longer kiss fish at the festival.

Kissing an eelpout.  (photo source)

Kissing an eelpout at the International Eelpout Festival. (photo source)

Beel says, everyone needs a little loving.

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