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Three Reasons to Eat Your Pickled Herring

pickled herring

Beel has had the occasional bad experience with pickled herring. Still, Beel can think of three very good reasons to eat pickled herring.

  1. It ain’t Surströmming.
  2. It ain’t Rakfisk.
  3. It especially ain’t Hákarl.

Most articles about these three fish dishes argue about which is the most disgusting.  For sure, they are all odoriferous, but they are really interesting traditional foods.  Beel will get back to them in the future. 

In the meantime, please allow Beel to present a cartoon by Humon, titled “Nordics like fish” that very succinctly describes these three dishes.  (Please note that “rotten” is a slightly exaggerated way of saying “fermented.”) 

nords like fish1

 nords like fish2

nords like fish3

nords like fish4

Humon’s cartoon is great.  You can see the original, with his commentary, here (clink on the small image below).

Scandinavia and the World

Beel recommends you spend a little time at his site.  The cartoons are very good at playing on the quirks of peoples from around the world.  Beel gives Humon three stars!


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