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A Bounty on Fake Shark Fins


The China Daily reports that the Guangdong province government is offering a 300 yuan (US$48) to 300,000 yuan reward to persons who provide tips regarding fake and substandard shark fins.

The rewards are part of a month-long campaign by the Guangdong government against the production, sale or use of bogus or substandard shark fins. Previous reports have indicated that most shark fins sold in another (Zhejiang) province are fake and that these ersatz fins originated in Guangdong. 

The fake shark fins are made from mung bean starch, gelatine, sodium, and a variety of chemicals that give the substance the characteristic mucilaginous texture of shark fins. However, some of the chemicals used to manufacture the fake shark fins are believed to be toxic.

Beel previously commented on fake shark fins here.


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