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It Must Suck Being a Tuna in Australia

Photo of Danny Green pro boxer with a tiger shark he caught

Danny Green sleeps with the fishes (photo source)

The world of Facebook was all atwitter, so to speak.  Australian boxer Danny Green posted this photograph on his Facebook page.  The photograph of Danny, with a tiger shark Galeocerdo cuvier he had caught, set off a debate about recreational fishing for sharks.  Debate’s a good thing, says Beel.

According to a Border Mail report, the photograph had 20,000 “likes” and close to 4000 comments by the time Green removed it from his page Tuesday afternoon.

In contrast, a report by Adelaide Now on the recent Tunarama Festival, in Port Lincoln, Australia received no comments, tweets, likes, etc.  Nothing.  Despite this festival being the venue for the World Tuna Tossing tournament, in which bluefin tuna Thunnus maccoyii, considered to be endangered by many, are flung about.

Beel thinks it is remarkable, and a bit sad, that a bunch of yahoos tossing bluefin tuna to the cheers of the crowd would go uncommented on, while a picture of a legally-captured, non-endangered shark would be the subject of such debate.

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