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Tunarama Festival, Australia

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Okay, okay, Beel totally missed this one.  The 54th Tunarama Festival wrapped up last weekend in Port Lincoln, South Australia.  The festival celebrates the tuna fishery, which is of importance to the Port Lincoln area.

There are a variety of activities, competitions, and foods at the festival. But it appears that the World Tuna Tossing tournament is the main event.  A Guardian UK report on this festival includes a short segment of an Australian TV newscast in which the reporter carries on about contestants tossing “a large endangered saltwater fish” as if this was the punch line to a joke.

Local fishers provided the festival with the 8-kg (17.7 lb) bluefin tuna used in the event.  The tuna were tossed by contestants rather like the hammer in a track meet.

This year, the women’s competition was won with a 12.25 m (40.1 ft) throw, whereas the men’s competition was won with a 30.26 m (99.3 ft) throw. For the record, Beel once tossed a tuna sandwich a few hours after eating it (the sandwich had been in the sun way too long).


No, that’s not the Goodyear Blimp- its a tuna on the fly.   (image source:  screen capture from video)

Everybody knows Beel likes a fish festival.  Beel has no problem with people flinging dead fish about.  But tossing an fish whose existence is endangered by overfishing is a bit cavalier.  Rather like body surfing the honoree at a funeral.  Beel says, bad Aussies.


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