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Amazing Dive-mask Strap that Promotes Shark Hysteria and Scares Squirrels

Beel loves it!  You want more fact?  Their fact ain’t fact. That’s a fact, Jack.

So, you’re supposed to wear this fancy dive-mask strap to prevent a shark from attacking you.  Probably works because the shark is busy laughing its ass off.

Where can you get one, you ask? Please friends, allow Beel to present a screen capture of the site marketing this amazing product and then answer your question.

screen capture of website selling dive mask shark strap

Click on image to embiggen (source)

The mask is advertised on a site that claims to debunk shark misinformation and hysteria by seemingly promoting both:

Yes, the amazing Sharkproof Mask Strap can be yours for the low, low price of only US$17, plus $4 worldwide shipping.  But wait, there’s more.  Order one for your dive buddy and you’ll receive two masks for just $28, plus $4 worldwide shipping.

Disclosure: Beel received no merchandise, money, or any other inducement for mentioning this product.

This mask strap probably has other uses.  Beel thinks you could wear it in the backyard to keep birds and squirrels out of your garden, kind of like those inflatable owls.

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