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Sabre-toothed Blenny Implicated in Bizarre Underwater Panty-cleaning Scheme

The Sabre-toothed blenny Aspidontus taeniatus is one of several species of fishes known as false cleaner fish.  These fish mimic the coloration and movements of cleaner wrasses, which make their living by removing and eating external parasites from larger fish.

False cleaner fish attract larger fish to “cleaning stations” and then, instead of removing parasites, they take a big bite out of their clients.

But things get even more bizarre. According to Wikipedia, the repository of all known and unknown knowledge, the sabre-toothed blenny is involved in more notorious acts, the likes of which embarrass poor Beel.

Please friends, allow Beel to present a screen capture of the Wikipedia.

screen capture of sabre-toothed blenny wikipedia article

Screen capture of sabre-toothed blenny wikipedia page. 2 February 2013 (source). Click image to enlarge

The Wikipedia reports that the sabre-toothed blenny tricks other fishes into offering their underpants to be cleaned!

If you want to see this for yourself, you’d better take a look soon, as the sabre-tooth blenny is sure to hire a digital reputation specialist to clean this mess up.

Enjoy this, and your weekend, says Beel!

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