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Fish McBites in McDonald’s Happy Meals: A Sad Sign of the Times

Fish McBites marketing photo

Beel has previously expressed a bit of opinion about McDonald’s Fish McBites. Whatever. But McDonald’s recent announcement that it will offer the first new Happy Meal in more than a decade and that this offering will include Fish McBites is sad news.

No, this is not McDonald’s bashing, but Beel’s mourning the passing of old time traditions:  the family fish fry is going the way of the bluefin tuna.

Time was kids would be eating bass, catfish, crappie, walleye, etc., battered and then cooked on a fish fryer in the backyard.  Now that’s some McBitin’.

Old School:


Dad or Grandpa take kids fishing.  Dad and Uncle Bob (in Aloha shirt) cook fish while drinking beer and burning themselves with hot oil (kids laugh). Then kids eat freshly fried fish with Mom’s tartar sauce.

New and Improved Way:

composite 2

Mom piles kids into the minivan.  Mom hits the mall and drops the kids off at Micky D’s where they learn to love fish.

Kind of not the same says Beel.  Enjoy?

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