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Malaysian Fisherman Attacked by Swordfish

Ouch, says Beel!

Abu Bakar Bachik, above, and a friend were returning from a fishing trip on 11 February 2013 when Abu Bakar was viciously attacked and impaled by a rogue swordfish.

According to a report in the New Straits Times (18 February 2013) Abu Bakar said he felt like had been punched hard in his stomach, “I saw blood gushing out from my T-shirt and realised what had happened.”

“I will never forget the sight of the fish flying towards me before impaling me in the stomach right next to my navel,” he said.  Abu Bakar said the 1m-long fish eventually jumped back into the water.

Police still do not have a motive for this senseless attack, which severely damaged Abu Bakar’s intestines requiring a 6-hour operation to repair.

After interviewing Abu Bakar and his friend, police released this composite drawing.

drawing of a swordfish

Police artist sketch

They are asking anyone who sees this fish to report it immediately to the police.  But be careful, the fish is considered armed and dangerous.

Swordfish bills are a bit nasty.  Abu Bakar’s attack reminds Beel of another swordfish stabbing a number of years ago. (source)

Swordfish skeleton

Swordfish skeleton, check out that bill (photo source)

In September 2006, a man was stabbed with a swordfish bill.  The victim and his friends were drinking in a Darwin, NT, Australia bar.  They were approached  my a man who asked them for a beer.

After being refused a free beer, the man walked home, grabbed a swordfish bill, which measured 84 cm (33 in), returned to the bar, and stabbed the victim.

Beel hopes the beer in question wasn’t a Victoria Bitter, it’s green beer and isn’t worth getting stabbed over.  Anyway, Beel has been to Darwin and knows that everyone there is packing a swordfish bill, they’re so much cooler than knives!

knife made from 28 inch long swordfish bill

Swordfish bill (photo source)

The victim was taken to a clinic for initial treatment and then moved to the Royal Darwin Hospital, where he was treated for a  minor stab wound to the shoulder.

Police charged the perp with aggravated assault, being armed with an offensive weapon, comitting a dangerous act while intoxicated, and unlawfully causing bodily harm.

This is what happens when you control handguns, as they have in Australia.  In the USA, this would have been a simple shooting.

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