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Risky Business: Ocean Ramsey Swimming with a Great White Shark

Ocean Ramsey has gotten a lot of press lately for a video and photographs showing her swimming with a great white shark Carcharodon carcharias.  The video and photographs are a remarkably effective marketing stunt.

Presumably, Ramsey’s reason for performing this stunt was to draw attention to the plight of the great white shark.

Ramsey states on her website:

“I’m not advising that people go out and just jump in to the water with Great Whites, just as I wouldn’t recommend jumping into a yard with a strange dog. Sharks do need to be respected as wild animals and appreciated for their role as top predators in the ocean ecosystem. My shark experiences have all been positive in part because while I know sharks are not mindless man-eaters, I simultaneously have respect for their capabilities, a lot of experience interacting with animals and reading body language, behavior, and I am comfortable with my own water abilities while also trusting my dive partner.”

Beel has two words for Ramsey, “Grizzly Man.”  He too knew the animals he consorted with, knew their body language, and was safe among them.  Until he was eaten.

Grizzly man documentary poster

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