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Russian Fish Snacks

Russian dried, salted fish snacks

Photo by Beel

A short while back, Beel was traveling across the country and stopped for dinner at a Russian restaurant.  Even though Beel’s last outing with pickled herring ended badly, Beel took one for the team and tried the pickled herring appetizer.  They did it right.  It was the best pickled herring Beel ever had! 

The restaurant also sold Russian memorabilia, meats, drinks and dried, salted fish.  Beel had to try the fish.  There were two types for sale. 

One variety, shown above, contained about a dozen small fish, the package was labeled yellowtail trevally, but who knows for sure. Beel followed the cue of the blonde on the package and had the fish with beer.  (You can tell by the tear in the package, above the woman’s head, that Beel had been into these before the photograph was taken.)

Russian dried, salted fish snacks

Photo by Beel

Here’s one of the fish ready for Beel.  The fish wereabout 4 inches long, a bit chewy, and were lightly salted with a pleasant fishy flavor.  Kind of like fish jerky. These little fish were well wrapped.  They were in a heat-sealed plastic bag, which was inside another heat-sealed plastic bag, which was inside the sealed bag above.  Sort of like nested Russian dolls.

Dried salted Russian Volba fish snack

Vobla fish front view of package on the left, rear view of package on the right (photo by Beel)

The second type of dried fish Beel bought, Vobla, is about 8 inches long (shown above).  Beel has not yet broken off a piece of this one.  Vobla Rutilus caspicus, also called the Caspian roach, is a minnow that inhabits the Caspian Sea and rivers that flow into it.  Beel can’t be sure about which species this is, but it does look like a roach. 

Before you rush out and buy some Vobla, make sure the fish has been eviserated- you can tell by the presence of a slit along the belly of the fish- otherwise you could end up with botulism.

Roach and beer, a great Russian tradition.

The picture above is from a great article by Nelmitravel, in which she describes her first experience with Vobla.

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