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Northwest Ice Fishing Festival 2013, USA: Nothing Was Caught but a Cold

Participants in the 2013 Northwest Ice Fishing Festival on Molson and Sidley lakes, Washington

How can 86 people attend an ice fishing event without catching anything?     See the photograph above for the answer (photo source)

The Northwest Ice Fishing Festival, held last weekend, on Molson and Sidley lakes, Washington gave new meaning to the phrase, “I got skunked.”

According to a Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune (Washington, USA) report this year’s event was the third in a row without a single fish being caught.

Sixty-nine adults and 17 youth participated in the event, which raises funds to help support the Oroville Visitor Information Center.

First-, second-, and third-place prizes, as well as those for smallest fish and mystery weight, in both adult and youth categories were awarded by a drawing.  Beel wonders if the “Eldest Fisherman” prize was awarded on the basis of age or random draw.

The title of the Valley Gazette-Tribune’s report, “No fish, but most enjoyed annual Ice Fishing Fest,” is telling.

At least though, because Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service Ice Fishing Team were not in attendance, no one was required to pee in a cup.


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