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Giant Goldfish Will not Take over Lake Tahoe, USA

Captures of several large specimens of goldfish Carassius auratus in Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada, USA have been blow way out of proportion. Unquestionably, the fish result from aquarium releases.  This is … Continue reading

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Why Do Australians Stab Each Other with Swordfish Bills?

Beel recently recounted the September 2006 case of a Darwin, NT, Australia man who had been stabbed with a swordfish bill. This type of attack is more common in Australia … Continue reading

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Risky Business: Ocean Ramsey Swimming with a Great White Shark

Ocean Ramsey has gotten a lot of press lately for a video and photographs showing her swimming with a great white shark Carcharodon carcharias.  The video and photographs are a … Continue reading

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Russian Fish Snacks

A short while back, Beel was traveling across the country and stopped for dinner at a Russian restaurant.  Even though Beel’s last outing with pickled herring ended badly, Beel took … Continue reading

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Shark Stanley an Ivy-league SpokesFish for Conservation

The Yale Daily News recently reported that endangered marine species now have a new versatile spokesperson- a shark created by Yale students Ben Goldfarb and Leah Meth.  In “The Adventures of … Continue reading

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Malaysian Fisherman Attacked by Swordfish

Ouch, says Beel! Abu Bakar Bachik, above, and a friend were returning from a fishing trip on 11 February 2013 when Abu Bakar was viciously attacked and impaled by a rogue … Continue reading

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Fish Festival of the Week: Apollo Bay Seafood Festival Australia & Smelt Derby USA

The seafood festival of the week is two festivals.  Both are one day events, held this Saturday (23 February).  For adults, Beel recommends the Apollo Seafood Festival, especially if you’re … Continue reading

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to Take Action on Tarpon

Bonefish on the Brain recently commented on a vote by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, last Wednesday, to end “gaff and drag” fishing by making making tarpon a catch-and-release only … Continue reading

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Swedish Perch Are so Bummed, They’re Taking Antidepressants

A recent article published in the prestigious science journal, Science, reports that Swedish scientists exposed European perch Perca fluviatilis to different concentrations of the anti-anxiety medication Oxazepam to study its … Continue reading

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Red-faced Man Guilty of Molesting Great White Shark

Beel loves the headline of a Discovery News article about South African Leon Bekker, who recently was convicted of capturing a great white shark (see above).  The headline:  “Man Sentenced … Continue reading

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Fish McBites in McDonald’s Happy Meals: A Sad Sign of the Times

Beel has previously expressed a bit of opinion about McDonald’s Fish McBites. Whatever. But McDonald’s recent announcement that it will offer the first new Happy Meal in more than a … Continue reading

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Giant Fish Eyes in the Market: Here’s Looking at You Kid

This photograph was taken in a fish market in Yilan, Taiwan and is now making the news.  There is some debate as to whether these are tuna or swordfish eyes.  Either … Continue reading

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