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Shark Stanley an Ivy-league SpokesFish for Conservation

The Yale Daily News recently reported that endangered marine species now have a new versatile spokesperson- a shark created by Yale students Ben Goldfarb and Leah Meth.  In “The Adventures of … Continue reading

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Swedish Perch Are so Bummed, They’re Taking Antidepressants

A recent article published in the prestigious science journal, Science, reports that Swedish scientists exposed European perch Perca fluviatilis to different concentrations of the anti-anxiety medication Oxazepam to study its … Continue reading

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Rudd Introduced into Lake Ianthe, New Zealand threatens Fisheries for other Introduced Fish

The Greymouth Star, New Zealand, recently reported the introduction of rudd Scardinius erythropthalmus into Lake Ianthe, South Island. Beel has seen Lake Ianthe, its a beauty. A recent netting survey in … Continue reading

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Plastics in the Diet of British Fish: Bloody Hell You Say

Wired reports that a recent paper by British scientists highlights the growing problem of plastic contamination in British waters- indeed, this is a global problem.  The paper, by A. Lusher and … Continue reading

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Why Mike the Murasoi is so Hot

In the past week a fish, which has been given the name Mike the Murasoi, was captured in the waters off Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. This fish reportedly had radiation levels more than 2,500 … Continue reading

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Carp as Snitches: Using the Judas Fish Technique

The common carp Cyprinus carpio was intentionally introduced into the USA in the 1800s.  The history of these introductions is obscure, however, in 1877 the US Fish Commission imported carp … Continue reading

January 21, 2013 · 1 Comment

Exaggerated Reports of Mercury in Fish Punk CBS News

The Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) in Gorham, Maine has released the results of a study of global mercury hotspots. The BRI’s masthead states that it is all about “Innovative Wildlife Science.”  This is … Continue reading

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German Fish Ladder Allows Millionth Fish to Pass

Europe’s largest fish ladder, located in Geesthacht in northern Germany, along the river Elbe recently recorded its one millionth user (source).  A burbot Lota lota. The Geesthacht fish ladder was opened … Continue reading

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Burbot: Wanted Dead or Deep Fried

The burbot Lota lota, a fish with such an unsavory reputation that it is forced to operate under several aliases (burbot, cusk, eelpout, freshwater cod, lawyer, ling, lingcod, loche, lush, mariah, spineless … Continue reading

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Anglers Flock To Polluted Reservoir: Texas It’s Like A Whole Other Third-World Country

“South of donna theres a lake and at midnight there sometimes a person with no head and armor like the middle ages churling pieces of concrete to the river.”  Source:  … Continue reading

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