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Fish Festival of the Week: Grant Seafood Festival, Florida

This weekend, 2-3 March 2013, the 47th Annual Grant Seafood Festival will be held in Grant, Florida.  Grant is one-half of the greater Grant-Valkaria metropolis, which has a population of 3,810 … Continue reading

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Northwest Ice Fishing Festival 2013, USA: Nothing Was Caught but a Cold

The Northwest Ice Fishing Festival, held last weekend, on Molson and Sidley lakes, Washington gave new meaning to the phrase, “I got skunked.” According to a Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune (Washington, USA) … Continue reading

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Tunarama Festival, Australia

Okay, okay, Beel totally missed this one.  The 54th Tunarama Festival wrapped up last weekend in Port Lincoln, South Australia.  The festival celebrates the tuna fishery, which is of importance to … Continue reading

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Fish Festival of the Week: Barcelos Festival of Ornamental Fish

Woo hoo, says Beel.  A fish festival.  Brazil.  Way cool! The Barcelos Festival of Ornamental Fish, AKA Festival do Peixe Ornamental de Barcelos, was established in 1994. It is held in Barcelos, Brazil, … Continue reading

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Ice Fish Fest at Catfish Bay is a Big (?) Success

Woo hoo, says Beel?  Ice Fish Fest, last week’s Fish Festival of the Week was reported to be a success.  Five hundred fish were caught (200 more than last year). … Continue reading

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Two Recent Fish Festivals in China

Beel is very excited.  The past few days have seen the start of two fish festivals in China.  Please let Beel present a brief account of these festivals. The China … Continue reading

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The International Eelpout Festival Has a Wiki Entry!

  Beel has long had a fascination with the International Eelpout Festival held each February in Walker, Minnesota (see posts here and here). Beel is pleased to learn the festival now … Continue reading

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Carp Sells for $54,500 at the Chagan Lake Fish Festival

The Chagan Lake Fish Festival, in Jilin Province, China, is in full swing and the results of the traditional auction of the first fish captured are now available. It is … Continue reading

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Bad News for the Great West Coast Whitebait Festival

Last October, the Westland District Council (of west coast New Zealand) sponsored the Great West Coast Whitebait Festival, which was held in Christchurch, the most populous city on the South Island. Shortly … Continue reading

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If its the New Year, Carp Must Be on the Menu

In Europe, indeed throughout the world, there are a variety of foods that are traditionally eaten, or avoided, at the New Year.  For example, in Hungary eating chicken or fish on … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing Trifishaton

Building on the wildly popular Scofield Ice Fishing Tournament, this year bringing the 7th annual installation of that event, Utah State Parks has inaugurated an ice-fishing Trifishaton for trout in three … Continue reading

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Droppin’ of the Carp

After nearly a week of festivities, Carpfest 2012, held in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin will culminate at midnight tomorrow with the 12th Annual Droppin’ of the Carp.  Beel loves a fish festival.  And … Continue reading

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