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CITES Delegates Approve Protection for Sharks and Manta Rays

Delegates at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) voted today (Monday 11 March 2013) to add five species of shark to the list of plants … Continue reading

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Puffer Fish Menacing Fishermen in Arabian Sea, off Kerala, India

Puffer fish have undergone  a population explosion in the Arabian Sea in recent years, according to an article recently published by K.S. Mohamed and colleagues in the lastest issue of … Continue reading

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Texas Aims to Ban Shark Fins: Legislature Hears Compelling Testimony

Well, says Beel, Texas is known for leaving no child behind.  Evidently that has morphed into leave no issue behind. Texas State Senator Larry Taylor, whose district includes Galveston, has … Continue reading

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Pinocchio Tarpon Tournament Series, According to Save the Tarpon

Beel loves big fish, fish festivals, and good times- like shindigs.  But Beel also loves a dog fight. The Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS) has been caught up in a … Continue reading

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Lebanese Fishery for Young Sharks

Al Arabiya News (Lebanon) reported today there is a growing Lebanese fishery for young sharks.  Regulations do not prevent the practice and there a growing market for the fish in the … Continue reading

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Indonesian Sanctuary for Sharks and Manta Rays: Is it really for Conservation?

The Jarkata Globe, Indonesia, reported last Wednesday that Indonesia had announced establishment of a new shark and manta ray sanctuary to protect these ecologically important species. The story has by … Continue reading

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Florida Couple Busted for Selling Shark Pups

They’re so adorable, says Beel!  Who would be involved in illegal sales of such cuties? According to a story on a Federal Grand Jury handed down a sealed indictment … Continue reading

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Shark Stanley an Ivy-league SpokesFish for Conservation

The Yale Daily News recently reported that endangered marine species now have a new versatile spokesperson- a shark created by Yale students Ben Goldfarb and Leah Meth.  In “The Adventures of … Continue reading

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to Take Action on Tarpon

Bonefish on the Brain recently commented on a vote by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, last Wednesday, to end “gaff and drag” fishing by making making tarpon a catch-and-release only … Continue reading

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Western Pacific Skipjack Tuna: Is it Overfished?

You heard it from Beel first.  The western Pacific skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis is being overfished. And this is a bit of a feat says Beel, because the skipjack matures early … Continue reading

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Rudd Introduced into Lake Ianthe, New Zealand threatens Fisheries for other Introduced Fish

The Greymouth Star, New Zealand, recently reported the introduction of rudd Scardinius erythropthalmus into Lake Ianthe, South Island. Beel has seen Lake Ianthe, its a beauty. A recent netting survey in … Continue reading

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Google Searches and Patterns in Interest in Shark Conservation, Shark Finning, and Shark Fishing,

In the last year there has been considerable controversy regarding overfishing of sharks and the practice of shark finning.  These were, and remain, hot fishery conservation topics.  To put this … Continue reading

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